Thunderclap: Stop Modern Slavery - A 14 Day Freedom Journey

Civic Baltimore • 13 April 2018
Link to Thunderclap

Unsure what else you can do to help stop slavery? Join in 14 days of tackling slavery together, featuring specific, meaningful actions you can take each day to make a difference, together.

This year, Freedom United is hosting Freedom Fortnight, an event launched by Tate Johnston, author of Everyday Abolitionist. We invite you to move beyond awareness, to take part as we break it down for you and build you up over fourteen days of focus on specific aspects of anti-trafficking, introducing you to people, organizations and initiatives making a difference.


Celebrate progress, connect with others who care & find out specific ways you can help stop modern slavery & human trafficking.

Social Media Action (Thunderclap, etc.) #humanright I Took This Action!