#BalanceforBetter Debating Gender Quotas With @KristinBrey

Civic NYC • 10 March 2019
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The 2019 IWD Campaign is #BalanceforBetter.

But if we believe that balanced really is better, why are we still so far behind on being balanced across industries? And what policies or initiatives have actually proven to be effective? 

One efficient, albeit controversial, method is simple: Gender Quotas.  All over the world, in both public and private sectors, gender quotas have been instituted. And as of October 2018, California followed suit. 

Watch this week's episode to watch Below the Fold's first-ever debate on the arguments for and against gender quotas.   Then shoot me a note on what you think about the efficacy or gender quotas in America. Good? Bad? Complicated? Definitely complicated.  

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