Participants needed for study on Activist Well Being & Burnout

ActivismStudy • 3 July 2019
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We are researchers at the University of Zurich conducting a study on activist well being and personality. Activist burnout has been identified as a significant threat to the success of social justice movements. Our goal with this research project is to add to the literature on activist burnout and well-being, and potentially identify elements of personality which may alleviate symptoms of burnout or even act as protective factors against burnout. This information can be used to inform self-care strategies and call attention to the necessity of addressing activist burnout.

Participation in this survey is voluntary and takes 45 minutes to 1 hour. Your information will be anonymized and kept confidential, and used exclusively for scientific purposes. Any questions or concerns may be directed to the researchers, Alexa Zielinski and Dr. Fabian Gander, at the following email: .

If you are interested, a link to the survey can be found here:


Thank you!